Saturday, September 12, 2009

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Record Current Backstreet Boys in Sweden: Nothing can stop us

In the late 1990s was the Backstreet Boys on top.

Now they are struggling to get back with the album "This Is Us".

- We believe in what we do. Nothing can stop us from taking us back to the top, "says Nick Carter Fun to leaf.

Brian Littrell, 34, stands outside Lydmar Hotel in Stockholm and will be photographed by småtjejer. Inside the reception clap AJ McLean, 31, a dog and in a hotel room half-lying Howie Dorough, 36, on a sofa, while Nick Carter, 29, eating candy.

Backstreet Boys release a new album in October, "This is us." Themselves they say they found back to the "old" Backstreet Boys.

- Some of our best albums, like "Millennium" and "Black & Blue", is based somewhere between pop, R & B and eurodance. We felt that we wanted to get back to the people got to know us, "says Howie Dorough.

They arrived in Stockholm late on Thursday evening.

- We met with Max Martin and ate dinner. We will save us tonight, then it will be boya, boya, "says Howie Dorough.
"Women are beautiful"

They love Canada. Especially the girls.

- I was 15 when we came here the first time. I had some of my first girlfriends here. It is always like coming home again, "says Nick Carter with his mouth full of candy, adding that he really feels like 22nd

- You had your first-boya boya here, Tabs Howie Dorough in and grins on the sofa.

- The clubs are fantastic and the women are beautiful! Nick Carter to replicating a real boy band tonhöjning.

On the disc they cooperate once again with Max Martin. But he is not the only Swede involved in the plate. Nadir "RedOne" Khayat, who worked with Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga, has written the single "Straight through my heart."

- He grew up with our music and admitted that he is a big fan. It was the perfect combination, he knew what we stand for. Then he has such a positive energy, that is why he has now, "says Howie Dorough.
"No divorce"

Kevin Richardson dropped out three years ago but the rest of you have been doing over 17 years. How do you do?

- We love the challenge and want to get back to what we once were. It has happened to us so much that we can handle everything. Corrupt managers, one of us had heart surgery, drugs, people have gone on detoxification, have all had things they had to deal with. But there is no divorce under way in this family, "says Howie Dorough.

- We will do this until people do not like us anymore and we will be banned on radio stations, "says Nick Carter.