Friday, April 22, 2011

AJ talking about wedding preparations

AJ of the Backstreet Boys doesn't take care of his wedding preparations
There is no professional job which is more complex than to be a “wedding planner ”, AJ McLean - member of the Backstreet Boys -
makes sure .
Although he doesn't devote himself to that, the ringleader of the team who's preparing his wedding with Rochelle Deanna Karidis is the big hero for the singer and ballet dancer.

“When I realized everything what to do charm my profession is not so complicated as I believed.
I prefer not to say his name, however, acknowledge their work and I congratulate you because I would go crazy. Choosing flowers, the right colors, tables and chairs like the one for the bride and the groom, pleasing moms, dads, guests. It seems very complex and worthy of welcome, "AJ said in an interview. 

Last year, the companion of Howie, Brian and Nick proposed to his girl and wanted to marry in May, but because of all the preparations that lies ahead, they've changed the date to the end of the year.
“I am a very happy man, we are doing a tour, I do what I like. I have always liked my profession to the maximum, I enjoy it hundred percent.

I am very happy for being with the woman that I love and she loves me and also, I am very much grateful to the life to be able being sober, recovered, clear, to enjoy every moment”. 

The most rebellious guy of theBackstreet Boys has been in rehabilitation for drugs and alcohol for three times in the last ten years, and now he says that he feels the whole intention of improving and of not relapsing.
His band, as a whole with New Kids on the Block, are releasing their album NKOTBSB
in three weeks, which contains the successful hits from both bands and remixes of shared successes.