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Published: 15 October 2009

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Backstreet Boys: Back with five members?

Since 16 years the Backstreet Boys break the hearts of girls and created legendary songs like 'I want it that way'. The Boys will introduce their new Album in november in Bamberg - Germany. x-bay-Maker Felicitas Wilke got the chance to talk with Band member AJ - exactly 10 minutes. This time was fixed by the record company. Stars are stars.

x-bay: Earlier this month your new album 'This is us' was released. What can we expect?

AJ: You can expect an awesome album, song for song. We're very proud of it. It shows who we are and it's a mix of Pop and R'n'B. In a way it brings us back to the roots.

x-bay: Kevin left the band 3 years ago. Have you adapt to work without him?

AJ: At the beginning it was very new for us just being 4. But now that's the new face of the Band. All doors are open for Kevin if he wants to come back to the group. Who knows... he could come back.

x-bay: Does he have any plans to become a Backstreet Boy again?

AJ: I won't give a comment to this matter. Currently he is doing his own business. But I can see that his eyes are sparkle. Maybe he's thinking about to come back.

x-bay: The Backstreet Boys exist since 1993. Many girls, including me, have grown up with you. Don't you think sometimes - We're done?

AJ: No. As long as we take pleasure in doing music and as long as our fans want to hear our music we definately don't stop. It's our passion and our life.

x-bay: When you've started your fans were kids and teenagers. Now they've grown up. Are they faithful to you or do you get new fans?

AJ: It's a mix of both. Some of the fans who were with us from the very beginning take their own children with them to concerts. A new generation of Backstreet Boys fans has arisen. But there are also new fans who didn't like us before or kept it a secret. I would say that our music is for every age class and is compatible with everyone's taste in music.

x-bay: In Germany you're successful and well-known since the mid 90's. Did you ever learned a little German after your many visits?

AJ: We've learnded just a little so we are able to get through standard situations. But it's very helpful that most Fans speak English. But we can order our food in German.

x-bay: In your band history you've done many long breaks. What did you enjoy the most in those breaks?

AJ: Well... we all have families. Some of us are also married and have children. We were able to spend time with them or make a journey. But there's a point for all of us where we miss being on stage. But the breaks are important because they allow us to live a normal life for some months and they bring us also down to earth. After these breaks we are able again being the Backstreet Boys.

x-bay: Where are you right now?

AJ: Right now I'm in Los Angeles , lying in my bed. But I have to get up because I have to go to the dance rehearsal. This is our last week before we set off for our tour.

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