Thursday, October 22, 2009


There's a new interview with AJ for a slovenian website. I've tried to translate it into English... it's not that perfect at all but intelligible I think :]

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AJ McLean: We are excited about the sexy Slovenes
Published: 22 October 09

Beautiful women, local specialties and nightlife! These are three reasons which are attractive to the Backstreet Boys.

AJ McLean who's well known for his bad boy image and being a rebel gave us an exclusive interview.

Does Brian still have the swine flu?

- Brian is healthy. But we're pretty afraid.

It's your first show in Slovakia. Do you know something about our country?

- I know just a little bit. But I know that they have beautiful women. Really looking forward to you!

Howie and Brian may truly regret that they're already married.

- Oh yes.

What about your Dance creations and dance rehearsals?

- Finally I've finished my training. There are just a few days until the tour starts. 85% we will dance in our show.

Is the training difficult? You aren't 18 anymore...

-Yes... you're right. We can't exegerate in our shows (laughter). But it'll be an amazing show!

Do you sing hits like 'As long as you love me' or 'Quit playing games' ?

- I don't think our old songs are also our biggest hits we've ever done... there will be a few surprises. I don't want to give any details.

When you see the hyteria about the current teen stars... do you feel mad or is it a lack to you?

Yes and no... But we still have amazing fans! But those grown up.

?????[You just have zívol, you do so nudím?

- No, božechráň. I just made out of the training! ]????

Did you live a normal life for the last 16 years in show business?

- Not at all... I was forced to grow up fast.

Would you like that your own children will be famous?

- Whether they want to be a popstar, dancer, composer, baseball player or fire fighters. They'll always have my fullest support.

What would you be if you haven't been a Backstreet Boy?

- I would also be in show business - theatre or television.

Please finnish the sentence: In twenty years the Backstreet Boys will ...

- ... still make great music together and withstand the ravages of time. (laughter)