Monday, November 23, 2009

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The Sensation A J McLean And The Rolex Day Date II Platinum


Rolex pioneered the use of Platinum in men’s watches to raise the bar and create a distinctive “Rolex” look that distinguish these watches from all other watches. Platinum is the most expensive, long lasting and durable metal and has this unique shine that lasts for decades without dimming. For achieving that maximum impact and durability Rolex uses Platinum for its exclusive range of watches. Not just the materials used in its manufacturing but also the high levels of exacting precision maintained in building these watches has helped Rolex create a niche for itself as the best watch that money can buy. Each and every time, despite all kinds of pressure a Rolex Day Date II Platinum performs extraordinarily well without missing a moment. Unbelievably unfaltering and dependable the Rolex Day Date II Platinum is a watch of engineering excellence and a work of art blended beautifully into each other. Just as AJ McLean is a performer, singer and a member of the rock band Backstreet Boys.


Alexander James McLean in 1978, when he was born in Florida and has made quite a name for himself as the member of the famous band of boys. In March 2008, AJ McLean performed his first two solos in Los Angeles. The show consisted of his solo songs and solo version of the Backstreet Boys hit, “Incomplete”. The solo tour continued through Europe in May and June, in parallel to Backstreet Boys tour. While creating his solo project, AJ McLean worked on his alter ego called Johnny No Name, under whose name he performs solo shows. The success of Backstreet Boys has brought celebdom to AJ Mc Lean who has managed to woo his fans with his mellifluous voice and on-stage antics.

The Rolex Day Date II Platinum justifies why it is the best rated watch in the world because apart from its great looks, its internal mechanics is something to die-for. Like a true Rolex watch, the Rolex Day Date II Platinum watch never gets out of fashion with platinum body and a Swiss certified chronometer. This 41mm dial watch is appropriate for men’s well built wrist and its polished exterior gives a rather neat and groomed look. The black concentric dial with a President bracelet further adds to its class and charm showing that whosoever wears it is a person of good taste. Just like AJ McLean’s music is never out of the field really, the Rolex is the real winner amongst all its contemporaries. Rolex Day Date II Platinum is definitely a head turner of a watch like the Rolex Day Date II Platinum who has fans swooning over him wherever he goes.

The Rolex Day Date II Platinum is an extremely steadfast timepiece with a water resistance that works up to 100 meters and a crystal sapphire to boot its prestige further and enhance its performance and looks. Making watches is not just a job at Rolex; it is a joy, pride and commitment, just as singing is AJ McLean’s soul. The Rolex Day Date II Platinum has all the aspects of a great masterpiece watch that makes it a testified champion like a self-winding mechanism that allows the watch to store even the slightest movement of the wrist as energy and a perpetual rotor with chronometer. Like the Rolex Day Date II Platinum AJ McLean never fails to get the admiration of all his viewers, fans and listeners alike.