Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Backstreet Boy AJ McLean's first album

AJ talking about his relationship with his father, the song he has written about him and his plans for having an own family

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2010.3.2 07:59

Vocal group popular in the United States, "Backstreet Boys" in AJ McLean (32), but confessed feelings for his father living away from an early age. 1 The first solo album was released in March, which reflected the thoughts of his father has been hiding ever. Recently engaged to a makeup artist AJ will "have the feeling that came out lifted from my shoulders to write a song. Someday my want to be a father," he said.

His fiancee is a family picture of the future are discussed. "People want three kids. One of them is thought to adopt. To give a happy home for children up for adoption due to circumstances that want to be aggressive"

AJ said this is to experience the divorce of his parents at an early age, was adopted by his mother and grandparents. Since then, the 12-year-old met up with his father three or four times. Memories, "Ke said that I got to take him home for Christmas dinner," she said.

About 10 years ago, such a turning point came in AJ. An opportunity to be reunited with his father through an acquaintance, one began to write a letter to his father a week later. "When a child, among the absent father, I feel that I put in my letter what I wanted" was.

The letter was written some time left over, came back when you make a new song. Song is accompanied by the end of the letter of the word "Sincerely Yours" on January 20, released album "HAVE IT ALL" was recorded.

He came home feeling that their support has grown since one began. To write this song, the deep feelings for my father was kept "

Mother listened to the songs, it became impossible to hear the end came on the brink of tears. Paid off and pour out his feelings AJ is Tokyo on May 12,14,15, Aichi, will hold a solo tour around Osaka. "My father listened to this song probably got the feeling that the song was written about you. 築Kere should hope that some day a good relationship with the father" (Takenaka Aya)