Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Backstreet Boys: Arrival @ Auckland Airport

Backstreet Boys - better, if not bigger, than ever

Tue, 09 Mar 2010 10:16p.m. 

The Backstreet Boys arrived in the country this afternoon ahead of their concert at Auckland's Vector Arena on Thursday.
Nightline's Ali Ikram - who is a very, very big fan of the Backstreet Boys, it has to be said - is still wondering why he was the only journalist there.
In the late '90s, when boy bands were king, the Backstreet Boys sold over 100 million albums. No one could walk in slow motion like them, and no other boy band understood fully that being in love looks frightfully similar to constipation.
But their arrival at Auckland Airport could not have been more low key, the boys confronted by just two fans seeking photos.
The Backstreet Boys have been to New Zealand before, but only to do promotion - this will be their first concert.
The hardcore posse of local fans saw all four of the group's Australian concerts.
"Last night in Brisbane one of the members, Brian, acknowledged me on stage," says Jenny Zindell. "He was like, 'Is this four or five shows you're going to?' So he was adorable."
But having Backstreet in New Zealand is the culmination of a decade's lobbying by fans and a petition with thousands of signatures.
While the ladies at the airport have seen as many as 14 concerts, Thursday night at Vector will special.
"It's extremely overwhelming," says Kirsten Mander. "We got pretty emotional on the plane coming over, it's great to have them here finally."
They've survived the departure of Kevin Richardson, rehab and legal wrangles, but their fans believe after 17 years the boys are better than ever.

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