Wednesday, March 3, 2010

They're on a BOAT !

Hi guys,
As you might all know, the boys had some exciting news.
We all knew it was a cruise, here over in Holland, but you might not have noticed it.
Yesterday evening the boys announced it on the official backstreet boys website.
The fan club members get a first shot at the tickets, the 15th of march at 12.00 PM EST.
the 22nd of March, 12.00 PM EST, everyone will get access.
The cruise will be from South-Florida on the morning of December 9th.
The ship will stop at all kinds of nice places, and then it will returned in South-Florida at December the 13th.
There will be all kinds of nice stuff to do, like an intimate performance of the boys,Q&A,Photo Sessions, Deck party, Beach party and much more.
Allthough this is not about AJ, it is about the guys he loves most, and this will be a perfect chance to meet him..

Talk to you soon,

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