Thursday, May 13, 2010

AJ McLean: Article about his Tokyo concert

Backstreet Boys member, AJ McLean on May 12, Zepp Tokyo started a solo tour. AJ appeared on stage presence and appeal to arms spread wide audience, and aroused cheers from the yellow floor.

In this tour, the band led the team plus the horn, his first solo album was released in January this year's showcase 』HAVE IT ALL their songs and the next. The audience filled the hall, AJ responded to every move. "Hello. Beautiful, beautiful, people. I love you "and I said hello to AJ, but the cry exceptionally large.

In the second half, the Backstreet Boys hit I Want It That Way [rock arrangements and sang powerfully 』, a frenzied audience. For the encore, the band played wearing a stuffed panda and cat appeared in music videos, album tracks lead to Teenage Wildlife unveiled.

AJ's solo tour is May 14th (Fri) Zepp Nagoya, 15 (Sat) Zepp Osaka will be held.