Thursday, May 13, 2010

AJ McLean Interview

AJ McLean solo gigs before? Everyone "AJ McLean World" I'll show off!

Finally the first solo performance in Japan (Tokyo, 12, 14, Nagoya, Osaka, 15 days) to start, A. J. McLean. Official countdown has begun in, and let out one after another among the fans deserve more waiting! This time, Performance in Japan in early February just before the Backstreet Boys, to promote the album, which came ahead of him A. J. To deliver an interview.

- Stay is spent in what way?
A. J. Work! Work! A - I have, but it is hard, you are enjoying Japan. Night out to town I'm walking around taking pictures vigorously. Tomorrow I'm going to enjoy shopping but also off.

- The photos will be released Do you have? (Some memorial board in Japan-released on Music Charts HAVE IT ALL Deluxe Edition)
A. J. Yes! Of course! I'm thinking to make two photos. One photographer and Tyler, those wacky unconventional feel, I feel something a little crazy. Another shot in his personal life and things. Home or savings, and those taking the tour around the world, I think that some make things Attorandamu collecting fashion.

- We look forward to. Fans of recent meetings (updated February 16 [AJ Makurinfanmitingurepoto! Look is like an a) is, I messed up a lot of entries came in three sets to your invitations?
A. J. Great!

- In fact, did you try to meet you at close range with the fans?
A. J. Everybody's face is seen, what I love meeting fans went a little space to do ah. As an artist, but it's really where fans can return to favor. Spotlight that profession, It is really all the same person, "I reach distant artist," but often seems that there are opportunities like that I am really happy! If we had a different job, it's really not like that experience. It was so fun that day Sugoku!

- Had a lot of talk in the tattoo, then you are going?
A. J. HIRO's tattoo that I just talk things over with. I have a lot of brainstorm ideas. Before or Backstreet Boys Live at Budokan, I would like to think that night They have been working around live from international forums, and what happens??

- I wonder things like that go in the name of Rochelle's fiance?
A. J. Nde she is a big fan of Ron Paul, Madonna, Madonna of the neck behind "M" stands for album title [Madonna and put 』Jasutifaimairabu characters, maybe I will surprise her? (Laughs).

- Showing me what I react? By the way, congratulations on the completion of the album! Birote and listen to every day!
A. J. Thank you girls!

- Member of the Backstreet Boys have released a solo album ahead from Nick and Brian had some advice?
A. J. Nick can also Brian, "It's hard work," but I gave advice immediately, it also prepared. Focused speak, what had been established as a trust myself piece, I'm very happy! I felt it worthwhile. I love happy people just waiting to arrant.

- You are participating in songwriting too. Immediately boiled in it inspiration for a song, a personal thing?
A. J. Well, of course, especially personal experience, I write down everything I've written down to hear. The first two songs will be 1, 8 songs you notice. I suddenly felt I had piled overflowing. Reflected in the way I am, but now I feel cleansed and refreshed!

- Refreshing and period to beat the living alone, was engaged to Rochelle, what I feel such a boost?
A. J. - Now we doing? (Laughs) She is very strong independent child, but it has been working as a makeup artist, in the future, SFX like I want to do something special like makeup!

- But the fall of 2011 Wedding? I'm It! See it and be really selfish, you are going to Las Vegas poker games you like it Tchuu, But now "Wedding Drive-" It was like the way?
A. J. Well I thought it did, a little romance to 欠Kenai? Call my family and many friends, I want a nice wedding! So I need a preparation period.

- I am so sorry (laughs). Back to the story of the album, the [MR.A Guide "A" of A. J. The "A" What? The question I had called
A. J. It's not me (laughs). Ah, but a little there? 'm Funny spoof music celebrities. About me they love everyone, everyone there will feel how much back to the club. But I'm really not at all. This song, not seriously, feeling silly songs. It's also my favorite song of the album inside.

- Okay, thank you. In a live solo starting to enjoy how the 12th?
A. J. Danceable show in a nutshell! And the Backstreet Boys are different, "AJ McLean World" I'll show off to everyone!

- We look forward to.