Friday, June 11, 2010

Backstreet Boys @ Eden Nightclub

The newest D.C. hot-spot, Club Eden, opened its doors with a bang Wednesday night with a huge party hosted by the one and only, new and improved, Backstreet Boys!  All three levels of this freshly-furnished club were packed to the brim with people, mostly women, trying to catch a glimpse of the once teen, now adult, heartthrobs. Once the Backstreet Boys finally made their appearance at the "Garden of Eden," the rooftop bar and dance floor, the place went crazy! Fans yelled as if we were all back in 2001 and the Backstreet Boys had just taken off their shirts! (To the disappointment of all their adoring fans, they did not actually take of their shirts, but they did play the bongos and partied with their fans!

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