Friday, July 2, 2010

AJ Twitter Photos

AJ posted some photos yesterday & today

1 - Waiting to perform at gay pride:)
2 - The most handsome man alive:) love my berns:)
    3 - Don't judge me:)
    4 - The new batmobile! Catch me if u can:).

    5 - If my monkee was a barbie:).
    6 - Mirror on the wall whose the fairest bsb of them all??????

    7 - This is out gn to all pic! The monkee's love u all and naughty dreams to u all:)!!!
    8 - This is the o.g. Monkee:)

    9 - About to crash out on my bus! Starving need food! Gonna stop soon than a movie and sleepytime:)
    10 - Drive thru no car?? Very interesting:).

    11 -  Mani pedi with my monkee
    12 - What size shoe do I wear nicole???hmmmmmm

    13 - no more paparrazzi pics please
    14 - my first photoshoot where i was taking the pics. i wanna do this for real soon and make a coffee table book u like

    15 - just some new pics for u guys hope u like:)