Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Backstreet Boys' AJ McLean in Toronto

If this were ten years ago, the situation would have played out much differently and I just might not have made it out alive from the hoard of violent screaming girls. Backstreet Boys, or four out of its five original members since 2007, are back in town and they are slated to play a show at Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto this Saturday. It seems though that being one if the biggest selling Boy Bands (130 million worldwide) in history in itself has become a side project as its members have begun focusing on projects of their own.

A.J. McLean, or as he prefers to be called now Alex, was seen around Yorkville last night with an Entourage which included his girlfriend Rochelle Karidis manager Jenn Sousa, heading out for late night Drinks. Toronto's Dallas Green (City and Colour) also met up with the group for a bit.

One of his bandmates Nick Carter is promoting his directorial debut The Pendant with a screening at The Royal tonight, and it might be assumed we can expect at least some of the Backstreet Boys in attendance? The film is 15 minutes long, followed by a Meet-and-Greet for paying fans.

When asked about what he has down-the-pipe, McLean told us, between puffs of his Cigarette, that he is working on new material with a group named Death of Adam, which he could describe as "like Black Eyed Peas... but much raunchier". He indicated we can expect to hear its debut single January. But why a dark name like Death of Adam, you ask? "I can't really explain out of courtesy to the Ladies here". Intriguing enough. But not quite as intriguing as his intricately painted fingernails.

Maclean was all accommodating, greeting a small group of eight fans, myself included and took time to pose for pictures. He signed and personalized my copy of the band's The Hits-Chapter One, which is definitely an honour. Love them or not, Backstreet Boys will hold a place as one of the most important acts in Pop Music history. And above that, he's always been my favourite one. Other than that cutie Brian Littrell, of course!

Backstreet Boys are touring in support of their eighth studio album This Is Us, released last October.