Friday, September 24, 2010

Cuddle a Backstreet Boy

Nick Carter, AJ McLean & Howie Dorough of the 'Backstreet Boys' took part together with a group of students in the 'Free Hug Day'

To cuddle once a Backstreet Boy was the wish of every teen around the world in the 90's.
Now you got the chance: Nick Carter, AJ McLean & Howie Dorough supported a group of students in Los Angeles & gave generous hugs out on the street.

The campaign took place under the programme of the national 'Free Hug Day' which took place in several schools and has to inspired to more charitableness and unselfishness.

The three Backstreet Boys took the home made posters with the title 'Free Hugs' and offered to cuddle  passersby. The students of the 'Paul Mitchell Beauty School' were happy about the prominent visit and also Nick Carter & Co had fun as Stars 'close to touch'