Friday, October 22, 2010

Backstreet's Back, Alright! (Including Kevin!)

Will wonders never cease? Is there nothing that Oprah Winfrey can't do?!?!
Yesterday morning, Chicago O'Hare airport was serenaded by the sweet sounds of boy band music as the Backstreet Boys surprised one of their biggest fans as a favor for Big O!
All the boys were on hand…even Kevin, who left the group a few years ago!
It's a BSB Reunion, ya'll!
The big surprise will air on Oprah's show sometime soon, but until then, check out this video taken by a lucky passerby! (above)
KTBSPA! They sound great!


Posted by Brian
'Wow reliving memories. Special occasions with all 5. Its been a long time. Big CHIRP!'

[Perez Hilton; Brian_Littrell@Twitter]