Thursday, November 18, 2010

New NKOTB & BSB Tour Details! There’s Only ONE Tour Bus & They’re Doing Mash Ups Of Old Hits!

The New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Tour has everybody buzzing! How did this happen? What will they perform on the AMA’s? We’ve got the answers!

When Ryan Seacrest confirmed that New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys were actually going on tour together, the screams from devoted fans of both groups could be heard from all over the country. The guys from both bands sat down with Ryan Nov. 8 and gave us all the goods on what will surely be a boyband-tastic show!

The first question out of most people’s mouth when this tour was announced was: how did this happen? Ryan asked the same thing, and Donnie Wahlberg filled him in.

“We got together at Radio City. We wanted to do something big for the crowd in New York and we were talking to these guys about doing a song together,” he said. “We put together a performance of ‘I Want It That Way’ in a matter of five minutes. It was electric.  Something happened when they came out on stage.  The crowd went to a place that we never heard it go to before. It seemed right. It seemed like a good thing to do.”

Fans would definitely agree that this is a very good thing to do. The tour, titled NKOTBSB, already has confirmed dates in Toronto, New York, New Jersey, Chicago and Los Angeles with additional dates to be announced soon. The boys even claimed to be cramming all nine members onto one tour bus! Yikes.
And if the tour announcement wasn’t exciting enough, the boys are planning something special for their American Music Awards performance!

“As of right now we’re putting together a little mash up,” BSB’er Nick Cater revealed. “The one thing about this tour is that it’s creating a lot of curiosity,” Donnie, 41, added. “The beauty of it is we have so many hit records between the two bands that we could be on stage for three hours and do 50 hit records. We want to do a taste of that at the AMA’s. We want to remind the people who don’t know and show our fans what we’re all about.”

The best part? This tour was meant to be. “I got a confession. When we first got together, one of the songs we actually used to get our record deal was ‘Please Don’t Go Girl,’ Brian Littrell admitted. “I swear to God. And I could actually sing it back then.”

Get more tour details right here!

[November 8th, 2010, hollywoodlife]