Saturday, December 18, 2010

[Photos] AJ Mclean from The Backstreet Boys in studio on The COUCH

AJ was on The Couch yesterday together with his mom Denise.

AJ McLean relaxing and taking a smoke break before the show. His new journal in hand.

testing testing one two three.....cameras, lights, sound, action....

during the show. we start off just catching up with Alex.

Alex is brutally honest as he admits that he has been drinking and now ready to go back to rehab. He honored us and his personal fans with this news first. He loves his fans. Mom supports his recovery and decision to get into treatment.

a break in the action.

Eating the cookies and drinking a latte before the show begins.

getting situated in our places.

What? Didn't you know I was LOCO ese?

Mr. A and the Dope Doctor pose for a pic after the show.

Alex poses with my girls Zoe and Dalia after the show.

Capn and Alex pose for a pic after the show.

thanks for joining us on The Couch Live brutha. drive safe Denise. Mr. A will get it done during this break and be back better than ever fellas and filas.

[Luis Delgado @FB]