Saturday, January 15, 2011

Backstreet Boys threaten to jump ship if A.J. McLean doesn’t get help It looks like the Backstreet Boys and their reunion may not last for too long if A.J. McLean doesn’t get his act together soon. For a while, he has struggled with substance abuse issues, and it looks like they are only getting worse with every outing.

Apparently, on a recent cruise last month, he was so wasted that he got all “rowdy” on a Backstreet Boys fan that prompted many passengers to complain, reports TMZ. Now, the ones very close to him, including his bandmates, are threatening to walk if he doesn’t get help and beat his addiction. Sources close to the singer report that he’s getting so difficult to work with that multiple people are “ready to quit.”

Since then, A.J. has checked himself into rehab and insists he’ll be ready in time for the tour, but only time will tell if he takes the rehab seriously.