Saturday, February 19, 2011

Backstreet Boys This Is Us Tour Press Conference

Backstreet Boys close

Look who's been with in the afternoon this Friday (18th) over at Chevrolet Hall: the Backstreet Boys. Friendly, playful and without stars, musicians gave a brief news conference in the main hall of the venue.

The longevity of the band was asked over the matter, in which Brian said: "We know that bands like us [boy bands] did not last so long and we are here to break a barrier. We expect another 18-year career." Nick, who was lourinho the girls lose the Adam's apple, is the quietest. Brian doubles as a band leader, always beginning to answer the subjects.

Brian is the most eloquent of the group
The first show of the tour group This is us in Brazil is soon at 21h (opening the gates), Chevrolet Hall.

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