Sunday, February 20, 2011

Brian Talking About the Backstreet Boys This Is Us Tour in Brazil, Kevin & AJ

Backstreet Boys have survived and are presented in Brasilia today

without the fury of before, the group faces drug problems of one of its members

Three from May 2001. The press reports the presence of heavy security in Rio de Janeiro, with about 1,200 police officers. More than 70,000 fans, many camped out in front of the stadium Maracana days ago, maddened scream, cry and sing with the Backstreet Boys. It is the first presentation of the American quintet in Brazil, with the Black & Blue tour.

Twenty of February 2011. The group is back, without the same hysteria as before. Today, thirtysomethings, the members have played in the Nilson Nelson Gymnasium. The band became a quartet since Kevin Richardson left the group in 2006 to devote himself to family and to go solo. There has also the provision of before and prestige. To complicate the delicate situation facing with drugs. AJ McLean was admitted to a rehabilitation clinic for treatment of chemical dependency. The news worried fans and other members of the group. However, lead singer Brian Littrell assures the Mail: "He's fine now. Will sing in Brazil with us. "

At 35, Brian admits that the music scene has changed, but that the democratic space continues. "We're still touring and producing music. We're not as young as Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga, but we have traveled the world for some time, "he compares. Formed 16 years ago and marked more than 100 million albums sold, the band is considered in the consolidated market. "We must produce quality music, conducting tours and promote our work around the world. It's what we're doing yet. Being perfect, "celebrates.

This, incidentally, is the proposal from Brian Littrell, Nick Carter, Howie Dorough and AJ McLean, with the premiere of This Is Us. "We will play about 25 songs and dance in nearly 80% of the presentation. The repertoire is new, but we can not sing the songs that our fans have marked their childhood and adolescence. "They came from Recife, and hence, to follow Belo Horizonte (23 / 2), Rio de Janeiro (25 / 2 ) and Paul (26 / 2). Between 2009 and 2010, the Backstreet Boys began to tour Europe, much of the United States and Canada. Soon after coming to South America, the quartet should return to perform in the United States on tour with New Kids On The Block.

Launched in September 2009, the seventh album by pop group brings 11 new songs, more dancing than romantic. "It shows the Backstreet Boys at their core. If you look Never Gone and Unbreakable, notice that we were seeking to rediscover who we were, "explains Brian. Songs such as PDA, Bye-bye love, Bigger and Straight through my heart say that the guys grew up in Orlando and want to enjoy life. "It's a variation of pop and hip-hop, influenced by European electronic hits. The album is full of good songs to dance. Others, like us This is the sixth album, show where the romanticism of the band. "This is us, this is love," sings vocalist. "This is the real Backstreet Boys at their peak," he adds.

Asked about the future of the group, with a possible return of Kevin, Brian is emphatic: "The answer is no! Long ago, people have talked about replacing Kevin, even ourselves. We do not want that. Backstreet Boys has four members and is working. If Kevin wants to come back, not ours to decide." AJ, he speaks little, but enough. "The good thing is that he decided to come up not needing intervention from anyone. He is now someone else, someone better. " Already on tour in Brazil - especially in Brasilia, because today is the anniversary of the singer - he is excited and the fans make the call: "We can not wait until the beginning of the show. It will be an unforgettable night, "he says. "What I want this? Well, I want thousands of smiling faces! That's what I want. "

American pop group show, Sunday at 20h. Gates open at 18h. In Nilson Nelson Gymnasium (North Wing). Tickets: £ 130 (Track Premium, 1st batch), £ 150 (Track Premium. 2nd batch), £ 170 (Track Premium, 3rd batch), $ 80 (Lane, 1st batch), £ 90 (Lane , 2nd batch), $ 100 (Lane, 3rd batch). Age rating: not be allowed entry to children under 12 years, 12 years and 13 years allowed in (accompanied by parents or legal guardians) from 14 years allowed to enter (unaccompanied).