Monday, March 28, 2011

Find out which celebrities have been more than once to rehab

Rehab: Find out who are the celebrities who had been hospitalized more than once 
Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen and David Arquette are some who have had relapses. 

Life is made of the famous parties, money, success and, of course, a few scandals. Some do not handle the pressure that fame behind and end up with serious problems such as involvement with drugs and alcohol. Therefore, the rehabilitation clinics are living with famous patients trying to recover. Below those are the artists who have been hospitalized more than once. 

AJ McLean: The singer of the Backstreet Boys went into depression after the death of his grandfather in 2001 and said he used cocaine for the first time during the recording of the music video "The Call". Concerned, the teammates did an intervention and AJ agreed to treatment at a rehabilitation clinic in Arizona. In 2002 he was again hospitalized because of abuse of alcohol and cocaine use. Eight years later, to the surprise of fans, AJ announced that she was interning at a rehab again, "I love you all. Wish me luck! I start my journey to sober up tomorrow," he wrote in his 13 days on Twitter January 2011. A month after he left the place and returned to touring with the Backstreet Boys.