Thursday, March 10, 2011

Two Backstreet Boys play golf in Caracas

Two Backstreet Boys play golf in Caracas 

AJ and Brian, members of the American quartet, emerged from his hotel to spend a lively evening in the city.  

Caracas .- The first time that The Backstreet Boys were in Venezuela played golf. That and more than 11 years. And now repeat. The engramado the Country Club today hosted AJ and Brian, members of the quartet, who said before coming to the country for the third time they wanted to practice this discipline.

A.J. up in your account on Twitter (@ skulleeroz) a photo next to Brian on the field Caracas. The title of the image reads: "Just another day at work."

The quartet arrived yesterday night at the International Airport Simón Bolivar, from Ecuador. There a group of fans of various ages, were waiting. All were surprised at the amount of girls who were waiting.

The first to be seen was A.J. Then came Nick, Howie and Brian, who with his cell phone, portrait of screaming fans, almost hysterical, by the Backstreet Boys.

Today will be the concert of the U.S. group in the City Mall Terrace Tamanaco. This is the third visit of the street children back to Venezuela.

The artists asked various options on the menu. So I offer a variety of food ranging from Asian, through the Indian and Mexican. However, for dinner demanded junk food: burgers, hot dogs and pizzas.

The Call interpreters will test the national cocoa, they want different chocolate desserts. To hydrate, AJ, Nick, Brian and Howie asked to supply them Gatorade. The countdown is about to expire.