Friday, April 15, 2011

Denise Solis - Stuff for Sale / Auction page

Denise sells some stuff - including Backstreet Boys Tour stuff which you can purchase next week. She's currently designing the page.

If you want to make an offer for the current stuff email her at

Brown leather couch 82" some wear. Will sell for $200.00 Also selling leather ottoman/coffee table separately for $400.00 (custom made with four pull out drawers and reversable top)
Dimensions of ottoman 4'long by 3'wide by 19" high

Pine dresser. Modern styling. Dimensions are 36.5"wide by 16.5" deep by 4' tall.
Will let go for $100.00 ( And yes, AJ has used this dresser many times while staying with his Mommy)

Glass sculpture dinette set. Can be used for formal dining or as a kitchenette set. Dimensions are 31" tall by 50" round. Comes with six matching high back chairs as seen here. Less than a year old I will sell this set for $500.00.

Better view of table bottom, all glass including base.

Here are the original infos:

 She wrote also about it on her website


I am so happy to be announcing that I will be adding a new page to my website very soon!  It will be a bidding page to auction off items from my home that used to be AJ McLean’s home.  We both had a hand in decorating with stained glass and some other goodies.  I also will be auctioning off some old tour wear and one of a kind items only I have from AJ.  So be on the lookout for the new page.  I will be taking pictures one by one and putting them up on the site.  Bidding will be done by email to and payments will be made through my existing PayPal account.  The buyer will pay shipping but there will be no other fees involved since they will come out of my end on PayPal.  HAPPY HUNTING TO ALL THE FANS!!!!


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