Sunday, August 28, 2011

Justin Bieber: Career Advice from Backstreet Boys AJ McLean

Justin Bieber has received a wealth of career advice from former Backstreet Boys member AJ McLean. A.J. claims that if the Biebs heeds that advice that he, too, can enjoy the kind of longevity that the Backstreet Boys have experienced.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, McLean's first rule of thumb is to "Stay true to yourself," and that seems like something that Justin is rather good at doing. Of course, he does stay pretty true to girlfriend Selena Gomez as well--but that's to be expected. You know the old adage, "Behind every good man is a good woman--," right?

"Don't listen to record companies, don't listen to anything else or whatever the media says, good bad or different," A.J. McLean tells Justin.
"Stay true to your music and listen to your fans," he adds.

You know, this advice actually sounds pretty concrete, and since the Backstreet Boys enjoyed a huge comeback just this summer (the played several venues along with New Kids On the Block) there's got to be something behind A.J's words to Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber doesn't appear to be the kind of kid that anyone could manipulate like a puppet. In addition to his talents, he actually seems like a rather savvy business person. And besides these traits, he does appear to be incredibly devoted to his fans.

And--to heed A.J.'s words--since the fans are the ones who buy the CDs, the concert tickets, the perfume, the nail polish (Yes, there really is a Justin Bieber OPI nail polish line!) then maybe listening to them is the very best idea of all.

Do you think Justin Bieber can enjoy the same kind of longevity that the Backstreet Boys have experienced? Of course they did take an awful lot of time off between their heyday and their comeback tour. Can Justin stay on top even longer without a years-long hiatus?