Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Battle Of The Boy Band Bulges: AJ McLean And Joey McIntyre In Their Underwea

Huh. Okay. Well, I guess it was a “prank” when Joey McIntyre of New Kids On The Block and A.J. McLean of Backstreet Boys went onstage in their respective undergarments on the last leg of their NKOTBSB tour in Ontario? Very funny stuff. These guys are, like, 100 now, but both of them look pretty awesome in their underwear!

Just kidding — Joey, as always, looks hawwwwt. A.J. looks like his usual self — bonkers, and way too old to dress all weird. He still does that sad thing where he shaves his head and wears fedoras and eye make up to distract us, but we’re like, Dude, you look fine. And we know you’re bald. It’s cool! Seriously, if he just cooled out, he’d be The Hotness.

Anyway, here they both are in their underwear, reminding us that “the right stuff” is right there in their pantaloons.

Joey McIntyre in his underwear:

A.J. McLean in his underwear (and Donnie Wahlberg shirtless, too):

[source: bestweekever.tv]