Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mikey Glazer's VMA Celeb Sightings - AJ McLean talking about silver band on his ring finger and ex member Kevin

Celeb Insider Mikey Glazer was behind the velvet ropes and inside every hot VMA event this weekend -- from the pre-parties to the after party, he's got all your music-related celeb scoop!
Within an hour of winning Best New Artist, Tyler the Creator is in with the A-list as he found a new hideout under Will Ferrell, as Paul Rudd and one-time VMA host Jack Black hung with Tyler’s rap collective (OFWGTA) backstage on Sunday.


AJ McLean and fiancĂ© Rochelle Karidis aren’t married yet, but AJ was wearing a silver band on his ring finger. He told me he’s wearing it as a trial ring. After touring with NKOTB this summer, he wouldn’t rule out a joint album with the other boyband. "Who knows, maybe we’ll bring Kevin (Richardson) back. Make it five-and-five. The show’s a little over two hours now, we could add an extra hour, I think the fans would stay," he told me.

[source: IN]