Wednesday, May 19, 2010

AJ McLean HAVE IT ALL Tour Taipei - Article

 Translation with Im Translator

"New boy" AJ solo members to come to Taiwan Kai Chang, Taiwan's market is his personal tour at an end, he homesick 18 a night over and over could not wait to fly back to the United States. Few of the other members "blessing", Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall yesterday evening concerts at the box office podium, hit into only 4. 

AJ addition to issuing solo album, "Embrace love", solo concert with the Backstreet Boys also show different rock style, opening on the cover of a rock veteran 艾利斯库柏 the <Feed My Frankenstein>, over and over is also frequent that the Chinese, "Thank you, . " He said that both support the Backstreet Boys, or his own, he grateful fans, talk about releasing his album, he jokes: "This is a long journey."

AJ also concert interspersed <I Want It That Way>, <Backstreet's Back> other "new boys" song. He slipped out of the afternoon before shopping take time off from the Hotel New York New York department stores, and musicians try to drink cocktails and smoke to relax at the roadside, was identified after fans, generous as they sign, also allows fans beat your fill.