Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two Horror / Cult Classics En Route to DVD Courtesy of SRS Cinema

Looking for a dose of low-budget splatter to help get you through the mega-budgeted overkill of the summer blockbuster season? If so, SRS Cinema has you completely covered!

Tim Ritter's 1986 splatter classic Truth or Dare: A Critical Madness will see a DVD re-release alongside Inbred Redneck Vampires starting on June 29.

Truth or Dare: A Critical Madness features the premiere acting performance of young A.J. McLean (Backstreet Boys), playing the role of a young psycho by the name of Mike Strauber. The film was voted "One of the Top 13 Slasher Movies of ALL TIME" by the Top 13, finding company with Psycho, Halloween, Scream, and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Inbred Redneck Vampires finds sexy vampire Catherine, played by Felicia Pandolfi (The Evilmaker, The Seekers, Alien Conspiracy: Beyond the Lost World), and her familiar Lendel, played by Warren E.B.B. (Abomination: The Evilmaker 2, Werewolf Tales), on the run from a ruthless vampire hunter. They hide out in the small redneck town of Backwash, where Catherine hatches a plan to turn the backwoods folk into an army of her vampire slaves.