Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Behind the Scenes with AJ McLean and Michael Gladis

Celebrity photographer Tyler Shields was up to no good when he got together with Backstreet Boy AJ McLean, former 'Mad Men' star Michael Gladis and actress Lauren Hanawalt. As if putting a Backstreet Boy into a Halo suit wasn't enough, McLean and Gladis got themselves into a bit of trouble with some sharp objects on the set.

"Normally, when I do the costume shots, I don't like to tell people who's in them, but I thought this one was especially funny since it was AJ," Tyler tells PopEater.

What's next for this eclectic artist? New Kids on the Block wrestling with the cast of 'Boardwalk Empire'? Check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes video from the shoot as well as more fantastic photos after the jump.