Thursday, February 24, 2011

AJ Talks About Rehab & Alcoholism

AJ comes improved

More than 15 years immersed in drugs and alcohol given a "fake happiness" AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys, which took its toll and he could understand it until his third admission to rehabilitation

"I lived in a fantasy world hard. Alcoholism is a disease and I'm living a different stage, more lucid, with clearer ideas.

"In fact, this is the first time that I will be sober to a concert in Mexico. I am sorry to say that I have a problem and I am working on solutions, "McLean said in a telephone interview from Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
After serious conflicts with friends, family and even fans, who asked him to look after their health, the 33-year-old Floridian will be with the group on March 16 at the National Auditorium, realized that to offer welfare to their loved ones first had to be good about yourself.
"My group mates, my family, my fiancee, my managers, my friends ... all committed to me when I decided to start to solve my problems.
  "I suffered a lot with this, but in reality, I've matured and grown as a person in an impressive way, I'm not the same," he said.
Alexander James McLean (his real name) first entered rehab in 2001 and returned a year later. After a relapse, back in January, which he says, is final.
The companion of Nick Carter, Howie D, Brian Littrell, anticipated maximum fun performances March 14 at the Auditorio Telmex de Guadalajara, 16 on the campus of Paseo de la Reforma and 18 at the Arena Monterrey as part of This Is Us Tour 2011.