Thursday, February 24, 2011

Interview with AJ: "We Still Have Much Energy"

INTERVIEW / / AJ McLean, Backstreet Boys
"We still have much energy"
"Pretedemos not be as great as we were before, but we want to be long-lived"

18 years have passed since the world knew them as a band and yet, after dissolution in 2001 and meet again in 2004, today continue to raise the same passions among their followers.

This is the brief history of the Backstreet Boys, U.S. group that set foot in the Venezuelan territory on March 10 to offer a unique concert at the Terrace of the CCCT in Caracas.

From Brazil, AJ is speaking on behalf of one of the most popular boy bands of all time. "We are all eager to return to Venezuela, from there remember the food and people at the concert, so crazy and put in the music," says the artist.

In addition, AJ stores in its memory the time he spent playing golf in Caracas during "a day really wonderful," he said. However, there is the sport that brings them back to Caracas. It's the music.

"It's almost the same show we've done elsewhere by almost a year and a half.'s A little cut because there is no availability for our common scenario and all the material we use, but it is very nearly the same," said the telephone wire.

Indeed, an important part in the path of the Backstreet Boys have is the theme of the dance, which now that the boys have grown up, a little worried his fans. However, AJ goes to step with a reassuring response: "We dance until we die on the stage. We did not want to slow down because it would be boring."

The singer continues in his defense and says "we still have a lot of energy and passion for what we do, but I'm sure there will come a day when we will not be dancing much. For now, we're still up there like 15 or 18 years ago."

Jokes about the current age have also meant that people often ask whether they are still, after thirty years on average, the boys from the back street. AJ laughed about it and said: "We have asked if we change the name of the band, but always will be the Backstreet Boys, regardless of age. Other groups that have the word 'boys' have survived over time, as the Beach Petshop Boys or Boys. is a trademark. "

The truth is that although they are still world famous piece of all is: Kevin Richardson.

After his release in 2006, the band had to become a quartet. In this regard, AJ says "we need your voice harmony and that brought the original element is still the group, but not the whole group. The doors are always open for him and he knows it," he says.

Aware that the glory days have passed, AJ says "do not pretend to be as great as we were before, but we want to be long-lived, it is our goal." According to him sing until his followers are willing to listen.

For his part, AJ says he feels more alive than ever after leaving rehab for the second time in less than two months. "I'm awesome! I have 43 days sober and life is good, surprised to be so. I'm happy, I take one day at a time and try not to pressure me. I have great support from my friends and fans," he says.