Wednesday, February 16, 2011

AJ Talks Rehab

What saved his Mexican fans

AJ, a member of Backstreet Boys, said his Mexican followers were out support for rehabilitation.

Monterrey, NL .- After being hospitalized for the third time in a rehabilitation center in California, AJ McLean, member of Backstreet Boys, has rejoined the group to not disappoint his fans in Mexico.
The 33 years old musician spoke with "Hey!" by telephone from Los Angeles, where with the help of Rochelle Deanna Karidis, his fiancé since 2010, fighting together with him against the addiction to drugs and alcohol.

"It's a job that does not end when you leave the center, on the contrary, the fight begins, they must deliver. You have to stay sober, clean and faith to take the next step, "said McLean, who announced earlier this year through his Twitter account to go in rehab to stop his crazy life.
"I want to be myself who my audience found out what would happen in the coming weeks in my life because I owe what I am and what I accomplished. My colleagues were aware of and supported me all the time, "he added.

Although rehabilitation is not over, AJ won the approval of their physicians to return to their work activities with Backstreet Boys, yes, put under constant monitoring to ensure that your body is kept clean of any substance toxicology.

"He was all that I have left alone, but especially me. Music is my passion and I could not miss this new phase of the group. The need to not fall back, "she told the artist, who also has reached out to Aaron Carter, brother of his friend Nick, who also recently declared addict.

"It always hurts to see a loved one hurt. He spoke to Aaron on the subject and told him that was reflected in me to come out of the darkness that is ", said the most irreverent of the Boys.

"He (Aaron) is still under treatment and best of all, it's willing to overcome it. I sincerely believe that this is the key to fully enjoy life, recognize that you have the problem and find solutions to solve it. "

Their rehabilitation to work, AJ was excited because Backstreet Boys regains strength and takes a second wind to his nearly 17 years of experience.

"We are in a good run for the cruise is dedicated to us, the Tour with New Kids On The Block and of course, our return to Latin America."

For the group responsible for hits like "I Want It That Way" or "Shape of my heart" to return to Mexico is synonymous with rejuvenation.

"I swear we stand on your country and we are equal to or better than in our best times. It's amazing what the Mexican fans give us it is always a sincere affection and support, "said the native laughs in West Palm Beach, Florida.

"On this occasion we have prepared a two-hour show with 24 songs that everyone will know. Obviously no lack of success waiting to hear but also give space to topics of recent musical productions, even if it is possible to introduce something new ", he said.

Before cutting the conversation, AJ said he is in Mexico where Backstreet Boys will always return.
"Besides the good food and beautiful women, is a magical place," he said.

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